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QJ type deep well submersible pump use conditions
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1 deep well submersible pump power requirements:

(1) the rated frequency is 50 Hz, and the rated voltage of the motor is guaranteed to be a three-phase AC power supply (for 60HZ, 440V,, 660V, 380+5%).

(2) the transformer load power should not exceed 75% of its capacity.

(3) transformer is far from the well, should consider the transmission line voltage, the motor power is greater than 45KW, requirements of the transformer to the wellhead distance not exceeding 20 meters, more than 20 meters, the transmission line cable specification requirements specifications than the big two grades, and consider the line pressure drop.

(4) for more than 15KW of the power, it is necessary to support the use of auto - coupling buck start control cabinet or soft start control cabinet, inverter control cabinet.

2 water quality requirements:

(1) generally no corrosive water.

(2) the sand content in water is not more than 0.01% (mass ratio).

(3) pH value in the range of 6.5-8.5.

(4) the content of chloride ion in water is not more than 400 mg / L.

(5) the content of hydrogen sulfide is not more than 1.5 mg / L.

(6) the water temperature is not higher than 20.

3 wall requirements:

Honest, smooth, no bulge or well tube dislocation, the well diameter is not less than the corresponding frame.

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